High Intensity Training: Burn Fat

What is high intensity training? According to Drew Baye, HIT is a progressive resistance exercise characterized by a high level of effort and relatively brief and infrequent workouts. It is not the typical training methods involving low to moderate levels of effort and long more frequent workouts. In previous posts, I have written about how… Read more »

Weight Loss Tips For Men Of All Age

The weight loss tips for men includes a few steps that is required by the all men to do in order to stay fit and healthy. Exercises are always good to opt in the daily schedule. That allows the user to naturally keep out fatal diseases of the body and to keep one active all… Read more »

How to Lose Weight Quick Without Trying Too Hard

Some people would be living their lives deeming the question “How to lose weight quick” as the most important of all. We cannot blame ourselves for feeling this way, though, given the pressure that society has been giving everyone for this seemingly superficial aspect of life. More than vanity, however, it is also a question… Read more »

Finding Motivation To Workout

It isnt about genetics. It isnt about rep ranges and how many sets. It isnt about spending every dollar you have on supplements. Its about sticking with something and actually giving it time to take place and shape your body through whatever motivates you the most, which in turn gives you the willpower and discipline… Read more »

What Do PhenQ Customer Reviews Say?

Just in case you are still fiddling with the pressing thought as to whether to go for PhenQ or not, hundreds of customer reviews available over the internet can enable you get a green signal. With numerous slimming pills and dietary supplements manufacturers out rightly marketing their products, it is quite obvious for you to… Read more »

The 5 Worst Foods For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

When trying to lose weight after pregnancy, it is important to avoid or at least reduce the consumption of some foods due to the amount of fat or sugar in them. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying you should eliminate fat and sugar. Good fats are necessary for good health. The fats that are… Read more »

Healthy Recipes For A Fitness Program

Any fitness program you undertake will resonate with your healthy eating plan. Choosing the right food to complement with your fitness routine is very important whether your goal is to gain strength, add more endurance, live a healthier life, or lose weight. Choosing the right food is epitome in gaining on the fitness program. Eat… Read more »

New Year Fitness with York Exercise Bikes

With the New Year fast approaching it’s very likely that you might have given some consideration to what your resolutions might be for 2012.В  Many people choose to focus on their health and fitness and there are many ways in which this can be achieved, and none more so that using an exercise bike. There… Read more »

Facts About Extreme Ways to Lose Weight

The biggest challenge faced by most people who are trying to lose weight is lack of patience. When we start a diet and start to exercise, we feel that we are working hard and we want to see the results soon. In most cases – too soon. For that reason, some people choose the extreme… Read more »