Finding Motivation To Workout

It isnt about genetics. It isnt about rep ranges and how many sets. It isnt about spending every dollar you have on supplements. Its about sticking with something and actually giving it time to take place and shape your body through whatever motivates you the most, which in turn gives you the willpower and discipline to stick with a high consistency needed to achieve goals in this lifestyle.

Staying dedicated with motivation to workout is hard early on, especially when you want to look in the mirror every hour of the day and analyze until you can find something to draw a conclusion on. Here are a couple things I learned early on:

– Dont look for short term results

Things dont come in days or weeks, think months or even years. Realize this in the beginning and youll understand a little better what youre actually signing up for.- Dont always go by the scale. Depending on your goals, the scale can be a bad thing. If youre trying to solely lose fat, then use the scales as a indicator of progress instead of a measure. Just because you weigh 220 and youre looking to drop a few pounds, dont go nuts because you gain a pound or two in the first couple days. Give it time before you re-evaluate and start changing things. Also, participating in a rigorous cardio routine such as high intensity interval training can make your water weight fluctuate from day to day.

– Mirrors are the second best progress checker

Actual body weight can only tell so much about a person. Other factors, such as body composition, can tell much more about a person a long with their weight. Say 2 months go by and you only lose 5 pounds, yet you can actually tell progress in the way you look in the mirror is a perfect example of being able to shred some fat and gain a slight bit of muscle that isnt shown on the scales (Gaining muscle while losing fat simultaneously doesnt work effectively long-term, but has been know to happen in the first 3-6 months of working out).- Progress Pictures are THE best progress checker period.

I recommend to people I help train to take a shirtless or bathing suit picture the first day before they hit the gym, preferably the night before. Then to lock that picture away somewhere in there computer and forget about it for months, while taking another every 4 weeks and forgetting about those too. More than likely, you are going to be checking yourself out every time you walk past a mirror when you start working out, everyone does it. The problem with this is that the human body changes so gradually that you wont notice if you are always looking in the mirror for changes. Take a few months (3+) and pull up your beginning and your most recent picture, and youll be more surprised than you think, then the motivation to workout starts to pile on.

– Stop looking at it as a hobby, and more of a lifestyle.

The one thing that takes care of everything is to build your life around a style that encourages improving yourself, depending on your goals in mind. When you wake up and instantly include dieting and lifting into your daily routine instead of trying to find time and fit it in, everything takes place naturally. Kind of like waking up and brushing your teeth, it just happens without giving it a thought. You dont plan your workout or what you eat around your day, you plan your day around when youre working out and what you are going to be eating.

If this stuff was easy, everyone would look shredded all year around with tons of motivation to workout. Ease into it at first as it can be overwhelming, then start ramping it up as you get a hang of the dieting and various forms of exercises to get lean, then get into a good mindset that will help you achieve your goals.