High Intensity Training: Burn Fat

What is high intensity training?

According to Drew Baye, HIT is a progressive resistance exercise characterized by a high level of effort and relatively brief and infrequent workouts. It is not the typical training methods involving low to moderate levels of effort and long more frequent workouts.

In previous posts, I have written about how much I love doing shorter workouts. They do work and I have time to live my life. I have to work on my website plus I have two more books I am trying to get to. My first book is already on Kindle.

Would you do a 12-minute high intensity workout?

I am going to start doing the high intensity workouts. Only 3 times a week is needed. I want to see is it will get rid of the little bit of fat that appeared overnight with menopause. I keep hearing more about these short intense workouts and the fat that is burned off. Dr. Al Sears states in his book  P.A.C.E. The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution that for thousands of years our hunter-gatherers stayed fit from activities that involved intense exertion followed by rest. Aside from keeping them lean and muscular, this pattern of exertion followed by rest flooded their bodies with oxygen.

When Dr. Sears was 18, he did gymnastics. His best feature was his upper body strength. His coach asked him what weight program he did to build his shoulders, back strength, and arms. Dr. Sears said he didnt do a weight routine. The coach has Dr. Sears help with weight training the team. Dr. Sears worked in the infirmary and borrowed some equipment. The students with the lowest lung volumes were put on a running program. Dr. Sears felt it would build their lung power. After a few months, he ran test on them and their lungpower had actually shrunk.

Article source : http://www.myphen375.info/.
Dr. Sears says, If you have to challenge your lungs maximum power youll actually give up lung power. P.A.C.E. stands for


Sears writes that you have to change you routine over time. That way your body can be challenged so it can adapt and grow.


as your body adapts you will give it new demands a little faster. Your physical condition improves faster as you train your body to respond faster each time you exercise. Your heart rate and breathing comes down quickly and that is also acceleration

What happens is you, will be stimulating, encouraging, and training the speed of the response time of your heart, lungs, blood vessels, metabolic machinery. Your physiology will have at its demand higher levels of fuel, oxygen, and energy.

Surprising research

Dr. Sears wrote about research done by some doctors from the Boston School of Medicine. It was called the Framingham Heart Study. Their research concluded that: your lungs are the number one predictor of death. They also said, This pulmonary function measurement appears to be an indicator of general health and vigor and literally a measure of living capacity.

Long before a person becomes terminally ill vital capacity can predict life span. The Framingham examinimations predictive powers were as accurate over the 30-year period as were most recent exams.

This means your ability to breathe equals your ability to live.

A Harvard study followed over 7,000 people and discovered that it was INTENSITY that was the key to exercise, not length or endurance. To lower their risk of heart disease, the exertion had to be intense. Harvard did a study between light and vigorous exercise. There was lower risk of death among the ones who did vigorous exercise as compared to those who did lighter exercise.

To get to the point: People who exercise for long duration at an intensity that is low or moderate are training your heart and lungs to be smaller. They get smaller in order to conserve energy and also to increase efficiency at low intensity.

The death of runners

It seems to me that almost every marathon someone that rolls around someone dies close to the finish line. I hear it on the news often. Blood studies were done on middle age runners. Blood was taken before the marathon. A second blood sample was taken after the marathon. The third day after the marathon, another blood sample was taken. The blood results showed early signs of cardiac damage similar to a heart attack.

What leads to success?

One thing I have always believed and Dr. Pace writes about it in his book is consistency. You cannot expect results if you are not consistent. If you want to get leaner and have more energy, you have to actually do the workout. Work up to 3 times a week or whatever you feel you need. Do not jump in and kill yourself the first time. Ease into the Basic Pace workouts. Start at your own pace and when youre ready, increase the intensity with each section of exertion.

My first try at HIT

You can walk, jog, jump rope,use an elliptical, treadmill, and stationary bike to start with. I love working out at home. I have a stationary bicycle and I did my first high intensity workout I warmed up for 2 minutes, started 4 minutes of exertion without going full strength, did recovery, then went into 3 minutes of exertion pushing a little bit more, recovered, did 2 minutes of exertion pushing harder than the 3 minute session, recovered, then gave it my for 1 minute, pedaling as fast as I could. The only thing I did not do was increase the resistance. I got a very intense workout.

I was able to go a little harder than a beginner because of the other workouts I have done that get my heart rate up. But they do not get my heart rate up like high intensity workout does. I did not get to write my results down because my cats knocked my notebook down to where I could not reach it. I focused on my breathing, because of my time doing Oxycise breathing. When I read Dr. Sears book, he said focus on the breathing.

Get a checkup first

My advice is to get a check up to do his Basic Pace Workouts. I did his first one on my stationary bike and I got an intense workout. But guess what? I have gotten so much work accomplished. I am talking about chores, errands, phone calls and I am still going. As always, get a checkup before attempting this workout or any new workout. Always show the doctor the positions or if you get Dr. Paces book, show your doctor the book.