New Year Fitness with York Exercise Bikes

With the New Year fast approaching it’s very likely that you might have given some consideration to what your resolutions might be for 2012.  Many people choose to focus on their health and fitness and there are many ways in which this can be achieved, and none more so that using an exercise bike.

There are many different stationary bike brands on the market currently, but one of the best and well-respected is York Fitness.В  They have a good range of indoor cycles for both the beginner and advanced user, and if you are struggling to decide which one is best for you then read on for a brief overview on York exercise bikes and how they compare against each other.

York C101 Cycle – Good for Beginners and a Cheap Budget

This is the entry level York exercise bike and includes smooth magnetic resistance and lower levels of functionality that should suit someone who is prepared to work out at least once or twice a week.  You might find that you want to upgrade this York exercise bike after a year’s use once your overall fitness levels have improved significantly.

York C102 Cycle – Improved Data and Feedback

This model includes ergonomically designed hand pulse sensors which will help you to measure your heart rate and calories burned as you cycle.  It’s all synced up to a small L

CD computer above the handlebars and having this information at your fingertips will help to motivate you and let you keep track of your training progress as you improve.

York C201 Cycle – Exercise Bike with Expert Work Outs

The first of the series 2 of York exercise bikes includes advanced work out programs that can be set up for multiple users – so this model is superb for those that want to share their exercise bike with other family members.  There’s also a heart rate controlled mode which lets you set the bike up to suit your body’s needs.  The York C201 also has improved comfort levels with a better padded saddle and improved grips on both the handlebars and pedals.

York C202 Cycle – The Best for Fat and Weight Loss

This York exercise bike includes a feature called body fat analysis, so if you are really determined to lose weight and start burning calories and fat in the New Year, then it might be just the right version for your needs.В  The LCD screen is also in three color which is a step up from other exercise bikes in the range which just include a monochrome display.

York C302 Cycle – Top of the Range Exercise Bike

The best York exercise bike is their top-end model, otherwise known as the York C302 Cycle.  It uses an EMS drive system for a very smooth cycling experience and uses a very advanced on-board computer meaning you can never tire (at least mentally) of using this exercise bike.  It’s the choice of professional sports men and women the world over, as well as featuring in many large gyms.

More Information on York Exercise Bikes and Other Brand Models

For more information on the entire York Fitness range of stationary bikes then look no further thanВ  This website is dedicated to all things exercise bike and includes in-depth product reviews, video and training tutorials, plans to help you get fit, as well as informed and educated opinion from fitness and gym professionals with years of experience in the industry.

An exercise bike could just be your ticket to a healthier lifestyle in 2012 so make sure that you check out the York range before you make any decisions and perhaps even add one of these models to your Christmas list in December.