The 5 Worst Foods For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

When trying to lose weight after pregnancy, it is important to avoid or at least reduce the consumption of some foods due to the amount of fat or sugar in them. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying you should eliminate fat and sugar. Good fats are necessary for good health. The fats that are in most processed foods, though, are not healthy and often include transfats which have been linked to heart disease and cancer.

So what foods are you likely to have in your refrigerator that are best avoided if you want to lose weight after pregnancy?

Processed Foods (lunch meats)

Many canned meats have high fat levels. Other meats such as ham or bologna can contain high fat levels and high sodium and nitrite levels.

Hot dogs and sausages

Everyone knows these contain lots of fat thats why they taste so good! However, these are best avoided ok, except on special occasions.

Creamy Salad Dressings and Mayonnaise

A little mayonnaise is not bad if it is authentic. Originally mayonnaise was made with egg yolks and olive oil both of which are good for you. Modern versions of it, however, contain lots of other ingredients that are not so good for you. Look at the label and try and buy the most natural one you can if you must have it.

Frozen French Fries (Chips)

These are usually treated so they do not discolor with storage and to make them quicker to prepare. This means they have high fat content. If you can, use fresh potatoes and make your own fries. Its not hard and its better for you.

Soda and Sweet Drinks

Fat is not usually the issue here. These foods are full of sugar! Lots of it. Lots of sugar means lots of calories. Lots of calories means lots of fat deposits. Other than the weight issue, these things are bad for your teeth and can lead to diabetes. Best avoided.  Have natural juices instead.

Other than the fats and sugars, part of the problem with having these foods in the refrigerator is that they are so accessible. If you have them there you are more likely to fall back on them rather than seeking a healthier alternative.

Some dieticians and nutritionists recommend eliminating whole milk products and alcohol. Personally, I dont think whole milk is a problem when it comes to  losing weight. Most people would not consume sufficient milk each day to make a difference. Also, you need to make sure you are getting sufficient calcium especially if you are breasfeeding. And, yes, I know there are other sources of calcium but many people dont consume all of those sources each day. Having some milk is not going to affect your weight loss and may help.

When it comes to alcohol, it is not necessary to eliminate it entirely. Sure, cut out the Jim Beam and Cokes etc as these fall under the sugary drinks category. However, if you have a glass of wine with your meal that is not going to cause you to not lose weight. If you have 3 or 4 glasses, it might. Some studies actually show that having red wine in particular can be of benefit to your health. Obviously, if you are breasfeeding you are better off avoiding alcohol as that can be transmitted in the breast milk to your infant.

Losing weight after pregnancy does not have to mean a drastic change in lifestyle or diet. Some small changes, though, can make a big difference.